Founder & CEO Alan Jahde Spotlighted as a ‘Tier One Interview’

By Tommy Mayes

December 12, 2021

I know Alan best for his deep experience in private placement life insurance (PPLI) and, “How can we make this happen?” approach to any challenge.

That’s why it was so fun to read this new interview with him – even I learned several new things about the man I spend hours with each week!

For example, only one of these is a nontruth (can you guess which?):

  1. His first career was in banking
  2. He grew up on a dairy farm
  3. He’s participated in week-long, 500-mile bicycle rides

On a more serious note, he also discussed the state of PPLI today, including how:

  • The industry has led the way in being transparent with open architecture as to pricing and investments and flexible investment options
  • The biggest barriers to PPLI adoption among advisors are tied to the way the sales force is compensated, lack of education, and the view by some that anything with the word “insurance” goes in the “no thank you” pile

I hope you’ll enjoy learning a bit more about Investors Preferred and our Founder in this Q&A.


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